Jet lighters burns strong flames with high temperate.

You can classify Jet lighters by flames as one flame, double flame, triple flames and quad flames lighters. The more flames normally give more strong fire. Or by brands, we have Zengaz, Jobon, Tiko, Zico, Royale...

Refillable and Disposable lighters

The difference is that you cannot refill disposable lighters while you can refill gas to refillable gas lighter or recharging electricity to a USB lighter. USB chargeable lighters are modern lighters. They don't need any gas or liquid. Just use rechargeable embedded battery to generate an electric arc. They all give normal flames while some with wind proof function. Bic and Clipper are outstanding brands of these lighters.

Lighter Accessories

Sure we supply lighter Accessories such as butane gas, zippo oil, wicks, flints which are necessary for smokers as well.
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2018-03-23   --- Leesa

really good customer service, nice attitude, really patient in solving problem, appreciation it

2018-03-23   --- Jonathan

I was very satisfied with my waterpipe. The dicron lizard was very cool...the glass is very thick...and it was very well packaged. I will absolutely buy from you in the future.THANK YOU

2018-03-20   --- Jade

Arrived in perfect condition thanks to tone of bubble wrap and cardboard box and even more bubble wrap. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.Cheers from mr 1st bong