Arcadia Triple Threat Full Glass Bong Blue 49cm


Arcadia Triple Threat Full Glass Bong Blue 49cm

Model No. BA9007
This buildable multi octopus percolator with mouth piece ice pinch is the ultimate for the smokers choice with the ability to change its size and Air/Smoke/filtration level this unit was created with care just for the connoisseur

All Arcadia bongs come with original strong cardboard box. And the parts of the bong are separated and embedded into extra extra thick forms. This bong will never be damaged during shipping and it is also a perfect gift idea.

Glass Type: Borosilicate
3 piece Height: 49cm
2 piece Height: 35cm
Weight 3 piece Assembled: 1280 grams
Wall Thickness: 5mm
Cone Piece Connector: NS 18.8mm
Separated to 4 parts for easy carry and clean

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49 cm




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