50p Scent Sack Bag 45mm X 85mm


50p Scent Sack Bag 45mm X 85mm

Model No. SPB01-50
Reusable odor proof bags are the perfect answer for sealing and storing your smelliest items. Scent Sack is a quality Canada brand of smell proof bag.
Black color only
50 pieces included.
Size of 85mm X 45mm ( 4" X 3" )




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2017-05-27   --- Jay

Your new arrival stuff really awesome, I will buy those nice lighters soon!

2017-05-26   --- karl

I paid order yesterday, and received today, that's awesome! you guys did great job, I will oeder again surely!

2017-05-25   --- Darcy

Thanks guys, was a bit worried about postage to beguin with, and unfortunately my first piece was damaged on arrival. I emailed the team at ozsmoke to let them know and they were more than helpful and even sending me a new one. Thanks again guys