50p Scent Sack Bag 45mm X 85mm


50p Scent Sack Bag 45mm X 85mm

Model No. SPB01-50
Reusable odor proof bags are the perfect answer for sealing and storing your smelliest items. Scent Sack is a quality Canada brand of smell proof bag.
Black color only
50 pieces included.
Size of 85mm X 45mm ( 4" X 3" )




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2017-09-19   --- Michael

I having being shopping with this web for a while. Always a pleasure to purchase from them. Ozsmoke not only have reasonable prices for what I want but also have fast delivery.

2017-09-18   --- Larry

Top service, and very helpful when I had an enquiry which was solved very promptly.
No complaints with any part of your company .

2017-09-18   --- Elisa

Good for money as they are a competitive saler in terms of price. Quality is also good. However, some of the products have limited color to choose from.