MWP 3Piece Laser Cut Metal Grinder Black Enjoy Life


MWP 3Piece Laser Cut Metal Grinder Black Enjoy Life

Model No. TM039
MWP high quality stainless steel 3 pieces grinder muller with Laser cut sharp teeth. Micro Mesh Pollen Screen and Separate Pollen Chamber. Fine finish with attractive black weed picture and enjoy life text.


2.8 cm
4.8 cm




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2017-12-18   --- Kent

Great on bongs and pipes. Always heaps of choice of thme. I am very satisfied with my purchase

2017-12-18   --- Barb

Very happy with the glassware i received, nothing would of broken it the way it was wrapped up.
Extra 10$ for express postage, got it within 4 days.  (W.a)

2017-12-18   --- Ken

preferred to shopping at nearby tobacco store before, after my friend recommend this site to me, stopped going to the store anymore lol