PMG Kahuna Huge Silicone Bong Green Glow 55cm


PMG Kahuna Huge Silicone Bong Green Glow 55cm

Model No. BKNGG
The PMG's big Kahuna is the largest silicone water pipe In The World. This 55cm high silicone bong tagged with PMG's new updated watercolor logo features Mushroom-TEK anti-spill technology. The downstem has been engineered to showcase PieceMaker's Hex-TEK high perc technology (More bubbles = More fun).

> Beaker style water pipe
> Food grade silicone body
> Stainless steel bowl
> Removable silicone diffused downstem
> Built in ice catch
> Built in splash guard
> Built in lighter holder

*Lighter shown for scale, not included




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