50p Scent Sack Bag 45mm X 85mm


50p Scent Sack Bag 45mm X 85mm

Model No. SPB01-50
Reusable odor proof bags are the perfect answer for sealing and storing your smelliest items. Scent Sack is a quality Canada brand of smell proof bag.
Black color only
50 pieces included.
Size of 85mm X 45mm ( 4" X 3" )


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2018-01-20   --- Inkerton

Lots of rolling stuff that you can't find in other stores. I am very impressed with this web site. Would recommend it to everyone

2018-01-19   --- Kennith

good quality product, with stylish design, also really fast shipping for rural area. excellent, love you guys

2018-01-18   --- Natalie

Good range of elcetrical scales with very good prices. Quality is ok depending on the price but they are all good.