Avert Easy Wipes 80s


Avert Easy Wipes 80s

Model No. BAEW
Avert Easy Wipes removes resins, oils, grime, and other stubborn or stinky soils. Pre-Moistened - Quick Drying - No Residue. Clean like a boss

100% Solution soakd wipes come out of the container fully saturated and ready to do your dirty work. Easily remove resins, oils, grime, and other stubborn or stinky soils from many surfaces. Avert Easy Wipes unique formula breaks the bond between dirt and surface removing the need to apply elbow grease.

80 wipes per pack
8.5" X 11'' per wipe




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2019-01-19   --- Chris

My first time order off this site was better then I expected. From coast to coast I had my order within 36hrs ( Express delivery ). I just ordered another package, hopefully with the same results as my previous order