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To purchase on our website, you do not have to be a member. However we do encourge our customers to join our community as there are so many benefits to being an OzSmoke member.

1) Members have more payment options (credit card), while guests can only pay by direct deposit into our bank account.

2) As a member, you do not need to repeatedly input your shipping details every time you order. Your shipping details are filled in automatically after login. This saves you lots of time and avoids typos. Typos are the enemy to receiving your amazing products on time.

3) For various reasons, some customers may not receive our automated emails, which contain your order status, delivery tracking numbers etc. But as a member, you can log on our website and check your order details and status anytime you like.

4) Most importantly, our members can get awesome loyalty discounts on their orders. There are four levels (New, Silver, Gold and Diamond) in the current system. Higher level members get a higher discount. Your loyalty reward level is calculated from the day of your first purchase.

5) Member Discount Rates

New Member No discount yet

Silver Member 5% discount
(including shipping & special)

Gold Member
10% discount
(including shipping & special)

Diamond Member
15% discount
(including shipping & special)

6) How to be upgraded to each level?
New: Immediately after registration and activation
Silver: 2 weeks after first shipped order (so easy... )
Gold: 3 months after first shipped order + $500 spent (not hard as well... )
Diamond: Gold Member plus more than $2000 spent (for serious buyers)

*Note: Member policies are reviewed from time to time and subject to change without notice and are correct at current time only.

Due to legal restrictions, images of some products are not allowed to be displayed on the website.  Surely, you can place your order without images as usual. And we are happy to email images to you anytime upon request. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 


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