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GS28 Multiple Usage Skull Clear Glass Pipe 12cm Twin Pack


GS28 Multiple Usage Skull Clear Glass Pipe 12cm Twin Pack

Model No. RGS28T
A premium straight glass pipe made by Pyrex glass.
A ball shape bowl installed with a metal cone, a rubber grommet and a mesh screen. Can be easily separated for different usage. A great substitute for sweet puff.
About 11~12cm length
Skull design on the glass stem
Two pipes with random colour cone piece (black or silver)


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December Shipping Timetable
2020-12-10 15:09:07

Dear Customers,

In this month, we work and ship every day as usual except for the following days: 24th(Christmas Eve), 25th(Christmas Day), 28th(Boxing Day), 31th(New Year Eve).

We wish you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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2021-01-20   --- Tracy

Purchased a large gripper water pipe, paid express post & the pipe within the gripper was badly damaged/cracked when received. Unfixable damage. No hard feelings tho, I completely understand this would have occurred during postage/transit as I have purchased A LOT of glass/breakable items & due to the awesomely great care from Ozsmoke staff when packaging purchased items to their customers this is the first time (from approx 10 orders) anything I've ordered has ever arrived broken or damaged🤙🏼 Thanks heaps, stay Golden Ozsmoke!!!