Gas Mask Silicone Acrylic Bong


Gas Mask Silicone Acrylic Bong

Model No. GMSAB1
Don't let any of your valuable smoke escape and make sure to take it all in with this Silicone Acrylic Gas Mask Bong. The mask features 5 tightening straps to ensure it is airtight. As seen on several stoner comedies such as "Knocked Up" this novelty bong is great for parties or gifts. It can be separated to two parts. One is the mask which is made of food grade silicone. The other part is a 20cm height acrylic water pipe with 4cm diameter and is available in several colours randomly delivery.

Real, High-Quality Silicone Gas Mask
20cm Acrylic Waterpipe
Built In Carb for Bigger Hits
5 Tightening Straps
Available in Several Colors




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How you doing this ordered came quickly they're beautiful they work as they should I would order from them again. Thank you