JOBON Exquisite Smoking Set Jet Normal Dual Flame Lighter


JOBON Exquisite Smoking Set Jet Normal Dual Flame Lighter

Model No. RJ6188
JOBON Exquisite Smoking Set is dedicated to safety, vogue and durable lighters. This lighter has two buttons. Press one button a normal flame will come out from another side. While press another button, jet flame comes out from top. This is the very unique design in the market.

Comes with a nice gift box as in the picture.


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2018-06-19   --- Adam

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Your truly amazing, keep it up. The only smoke shop, we shop with now. We will continue, to do business, with you too. Your number one. ;-)

2018-06-18   --- Lucas

This pipe is legit! You guys have some sweet designs and I will be back.  Thanks for hooking me up.

2018-06-15   --- Jimmye

ozsmoke delivered my new Piece Maker Kali Silicone Bong quickly. This product is my new favorite smoking apparatus. Easy, simple and provides nice clean, smooth hits. I’ve been adding ice cubes for smoother hits. The material is nice to handle. Perfect size for portability. I will be bringing this with me everywhere.