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Kush Kleen 420 710 Pipes Bongs Cleaner 325ml


Kush Kleen 420 710 Pipes Bongs Cleaner 325ml

Model No. KKC325
Kush Kleen uses natural crystals can be readily dissolved in water after use, they leave no residue whatsoever and contain more crystals than ever before!

Specifically sourced ingredients for the optimised dissolving of resins and tars makes our products last longer than ever!

It is safe to use on all plastic, glass, ceramics and metals and much more! They won't scratch, leave any marks or residue on your item.

Environmentally sustainable and biodegradable.

Contains no microbeads in any form!

Easy to use: Just simply shake kleener crystals into your item, plug all openings and agitate until tar is removed, rinse thoroughly with clean tap water

Certified ingredients leave no taste or odour to leave you with the best kleen smoking experience.




$3.90 Per 10ml Bottle of OPLUS E-Juice
2020-06-09 17:30:52

Crazy special price. $3.90 per bottle(10ml) for OPLUS E-Juice 6mg. Be hurry, it won't last long!

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2020-06-30   --- Angus

excellent , i really do appreciate ozsmoke team, great customer service!