PMG Silicone Stem Cone 11cm Fluorite Glow


PMG Silicone Stem Cone 11cm Fluorite Glow

Model No. PMSCGLOW11.
Stop replacing those constantly breaking, tired glass downstems and give your glass a well-deserved upgrade with our PieceMaker silicone stems! Fitting most 14/18 mm standard openings, these provide an awesome pop of color to your old school rig.
For those in the know, your PieceMaker Kermit or Kolt can be upgraded with our offering of 11cm length hole stems. 14cm will NOT fit these. This is a great opportunity to achieve a more sophisticated percolator experience.


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2019-08-18   --- Kylie.A

Very happy customer, delivery is always fast, very discreet, items are packed well so never any breakages, Thanks guys