Randy Glass Cleaner 355ml


Randy Glass Cleaner 355ml

Model No. RRGC355
Randy’s Black Label 355ml
Excellent for use on glass| metal & ceramics. Featuring granulated particles to loosen the grime| and get into the intricate bits your brushes can’t reach| this alcohol based cleaner will take your bong from gunky to gleaming in just a minute or two.
Simply soak your parts in 30 - 60ml of cleaner, swish it through and rinse with warm water, this powerful cleaner does the rest of the work for you, breaking down the most stubborn dirt and grime.
Pour it in| plug it up| shake it around| tip it out and rinse.




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2019-10-15   --- Rosalee

Excellent thank you.
I'm grateful to you for even taking the time to get back to me