Rescue Detox Mouthwash Concentrates 60ml


Rescue Detox Mouthwash Concentrates 60ml

Model No. RRDM60ml
Rescue Detox mouthwash will help cleanse your mouth of unwanted toxins and promote fresh breath.

Rescue Detox Mouthwash takes approximately 5-10 minutes to fully cleanse your mouth. Fresh breath lasts for approximately 1 hour.
Shake well before opening
Take small sips of Rescue Detox Mouthwash and shwish it around in your mouth ensuring it gets in between teeth and at the back of your mouth.
Spit out after approximately 1 minute.
Repeat until you have used the entire bottle.

water, dark corn syrup, refiners syrupp, alcohol, eucalyptol menthol, methyl salicylate, thymol, benzoic acid, polaximer 407, caramel flavours, caramel colour, sodium benzoate.




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2019-05-21   --- Sheridan Obrien

Love this store!
Awesome products.
Haven't seen a mullamatic in years. Bought 3.
Have also purchased the cleaner which is great, cleaning brushes that look way smaller in the pic than the large size they are.
3 Agung glass bongs, all air tight and water tight and function brilliantly as well as look awesome.
They provide a tracking number and sent your order as soon as they get it.
Also fantastic response time to  any questions or comments you might make.