Strip Oral Cleanser 1FlOz


Strip Oral Cleanser 1FlOz

Model No. STRIP1
New oral cleanser from USA. Extra strength and easy to use.

Use it just minutes before your personal deadline or event you need to be clean for.
Swish in mouth for a minimum of 2 minutes, spit it out and repeat until whole bottle has been used
Spit out excess oral cleanser
The mouth would remain toxin free for up to 45 min
Do not eat or drink, brush or floss teeth, smoke or chew tobacco just before, during or after using this product
Comes in compact 1-oz size that fits in pocket for easy portability




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2018-06-19   --- Adam

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Your truly amazing, keep it up. The only smoke shop, we shop with now. We will continue, to do business, with you too. Your number one. ;-)

2018-06-18   --- Lucas

This pipe is legit! You guys have some sweet designs and I will be back.  Thanks for hooking me up.

2018-06-15   --- Jimmye

ozsmoke delivered my new Piece Maker Kali Silicone Bong quickly. This product is my new favorite smoking apparatus. Easy, simple and provides nice clean, smooth hits. I’ve been adding ice cubes for smoother hits. The material is nice to handle. Perfect size for portability. I will be bringing this with me everywhere.