Universal Bonza Glass Stem


Universal Bonza Glass Stem

Model No. VUGS18
Turn your metal stem bonza bong to a modern glass stem cone bong, by usying the universal bonza glass stem. This stem fit all Bonza sized connections for all of our bongs. The connection with the glass cone is standard 14mm joint size. The length is 18cm including the connection part. If it is too long for your bong, you can use a glass cuter to make it shorter. Glass cone and rubber grommet are not included.

Click the links below for the suitable glass cones,
Agung Glass Cone 14mm Large
Agung Glass Cone 14mm Medium
Agung Glass Cone 14mm Small
Agung Glass Cone 14mm Mini


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2019-08-18   --- Kylie.A

Very happy customer, delivery is always fast, very discreet, items are packed well so never any breakages, Thanks guys