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ZENGAZ Windproof Turbo Flame Refillable Jet Lighter Black


ZENGAZ Windproof Turbo Flame Refillable Jet Lighter Black

Model No. RLIG127
This is a special version of ZENGAZ model ZL-1 and exclusively made for OzSmoke. The shape of the lighter is a 7cm height and 2.5cm diameter cylinder.

Features include:
* Top flip type lid.
* Hands free flame locker.
* Strong flame with adjuster.
* Free standing on desk.
* Decent Black colour body (exclusive for OzSmoke)
* Silver OzSmoke Logo printed on side.

A reliable product of high quality, corresponding to all international standards, which is confirmed by certificates. Lighter models were developed by Japanese and South Korean engineers.

ZENGAZ Lighters have a unique mechanism of JET flame, that reaches a temperature of 1000-1300 ° C and makes it possible to use the lighter in almost all weather conditions.

Colour: Black
Piezoelectric ignition
Body is resistant to high temperatures above 85°C
Adjustable and steady flame reaches the temperature 1000 - 1300℃
Safe and easy to use


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