Zengaz Micro Torch Jet Lighter Black


Zengaz Micro Torch Jet Lighter Black

Model No. RZT80BK
Zengaz Micro Torch Jet is a professional portable gas torch jet lighter. It is reliable and durable appliance in the high quality body (HIGH GLOSS), designed to:
- lighting cigars and cigarillos
- kindling hookah
- camping and travelling
- surface treatment desserts (such as cremebrulee)
- cooking meat, fish, vegetables and other meals
- DIY tools
- melting and repair electronic and jewelry
- joint seams
- car repair
- metal repair
- dental work
- other areas and hobby

Technical features:
- Two types: soft flame/ JET flame
- Flame height adjustable
- Rapid achievement of the flame temperature 1400 C
- Quality and safety approved by TÜV
- Internal parts made of copper
- Nozzle made of zinc-alloy
- High quality valve for regular and safe refill
- Easy refilling with Zenga gas
- Capacity of the torch (30ml, Propane/Butane) provides 40-50 minutes of ceaseless burning
- Convenient to use: in hands or installation on its own stand - Exclusion of accidental ignition
- Modern convenient design

Really large size, 14cm height with stand.


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