Zengaz Micro Torch Jet Lighter Black


Zengaz Micro Torch Jet Lighter Black

Model No. RZT80BK
Zengaz Micro Torch Jet is a professional portable gas torch jet lighter. It is reliable and durable appliance in the high quality body (HIGH GLOSS), designed to:
- lighting cigars and cigarillos
- kindling hookah
- camping and travelling
- surface treatment desserts (such as cremebrulee)
- cooking meat, fish, vegetables and other meals
- DIY tools
- melting and repair electronic and jewelry
- joint seams
- car repair
- metal repair
- dental work
- other areas and hobby

Technical features:
- Two types: soft flame/ JET flame
- Flame height adjustable
- Rapid achievement of the flame temperature 1400 C
- Quality and safety approved by TÜV
- Internal parts made of copper
- Nozzle made of zinc-alloy
- High quality valve for regular and safe refill
- Easy refilling with Zenga gas
- Capacity of the torch (30ml, Propane/Butane) provides 40-50 minutes of ceaseless burning
- Convenient to use: in hands or installation on its own stand - Exclusion of accidental ignition
- Modern convenient design

Really large size, 14cm height with stand.




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2018-06-19   --- Adam

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Your truly amazing, keep it up. The only smoke shop, we shop with now. We will continue, to do business, with you too. Your number one. ;-)

2018-06-18   --- Lucas

This pipe is legit! You guys have some sweet designs and I will be back.  Thanks for hooking me up.

2018-06-15   --- Jimmye

ozsmoke delivered my new Piece Maker Kali Silicone Bong quickly. This product is my new favorite smoking apparatus. Easy, simple and provides nice clean, smooth hits. I’ve been adding ice cubes for smoother hits. The material is nice to handle. Perfect size for portability. I will be bringing this with me everywhere.