Joan 2017-04-26

Good quality with reasonable price. Reliable delivery. Service has been improved a lot over the years.

Vincent 2017-04-24

Quite confused that why only members are able to pay in credit. Bank deposit is  a bit inconvenience for me. Lots of things I do like to buy from yours but bank deposit put me off in some ways.

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Bank Direct Deposit

which can be paid either through online netbanking or by direct deposit at any ANZ bank branch. Please pay exactly the same total amount including shipping as showing on the order and make sure to put your order number as the payment reference number. Otherwise it is very hard for us to match the payments to the orders. Our Bank Detail:

 Bank :    ANZ Bank
 Name :  Wink Wealth Pty LTD
 BSB :     012 351
 ACC :     4857 16719

Credit Card

The credit card payment is for reqistered members only. For new registered members, we need the photos of credit card front side and back side sent to us.