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DJ         ---    WA

Very helpful site, very knowledgeable information  on the web for products, great deals offered including delivery which was promised .

Jack         ---    ACT

Ozsmoke's prices are extremely competitive, in fact most stores cannot match them. 
They nearly always deliver within the specified time .
And their website is most user friendly.

Lucy         ---    NSW

Very good service and products are always better price than others. Very competive with there prices for everyone.

Aaron         ---    SA
No problems and no major disappointments purchasing from Ozsmoke. I did a lot of comparative pricing and found it to be less expensive than some but always on par with credible online sites. Dispatch time was quicker than I was quoted which pleased me greatly. . Nothing is perfect but as I have experienced many online shopping horror stories and colossal attempts to rip off I am a Ozsmoke repeat customer.

Loren         ---    ACT

I usually always buy from this web to take advantage of member discout and I have always had great buying.I love this web.

Alisa         ---    VIC

I went in their web to look at the bongs, and found the products top notch, very good range and with a great Price.

Alex         ---    TAS

Always our first stop when we need our tobacco things and we are never disappointed , the site is always easy to access and fast service.

David         ---    NT

Really happy with these bongs - very nice look, and feels like quality. Delivered on time and without incident.

Luke         ---    ACT

Good stuff around the years. have been your fan for long time and still find no disapoitment .Good job.

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